Crew Services

Hotel Solutions Ltd is highly specialized and experienced in sourcing, contracting and providing airline crew services. Our company has worked with domestic and international carriers to accommodate airline crew members with layover housing, transportation and irregular room placement. We also work with the airlines and station managers to book rooms for corporate travel, training room blocks, charter flight crews and distressed passenger hotel accommodations.

Hotel Solutions Ltd. understands and has over 30 years experience working with the complexity of sourcing and securing hotel rooms, crew benefits and transportation services for Airline crews. Airline crews have very unique criteria and standards that must be qualified in the sourcing and contracting process. Crew requirements are based on flight scheduling demands, crew member requirements, location, airport distance, local restaurants and shopping , crew discounts, safety, layover time, Pilot and Flight Attendant Union requirements plus FAA guidelines. Our detailed search process and experience translates into positive results for the airline and crew members.

Our company is well versed and highly experienced in working with commercial airlines, charter carriers, private aviation companies and fixed based operations (FBO). Our company has represented carriers all over the world and procured thousands of crew contracts. Our company is trusted and respected by the Airline industry as well as the Hotel industry. We understand the important aspect of having a close working relationship with the airline as well as the hotels. It is our focus to continually on a daily basis support the airlines and ensure the best possible rates, benefits and contracts are obtained and monitored for each layover destination.

Our company meticulously researches and sources each layover market to ensure the best available hotel bid options are obtained for your crews. All viable hotel options are bid to ensure the airline has the ability to consider all hotels in the market and select the hotel that best meets the needs of the crew. We present to the airline a side by side comparisons of each hotel bidding in every layover market showing rates and benefits offered by the hotel. Our experience, background and ethics make us a perfect partner.

Hotel Sourcing and Bidding

Hotel Solutions Ltd. understands the complexity of sourcing and bidding hotel rooms, rates, benefits, crew requirements and transportation services for Commercial Airlines, Charter Flights, Private Aviation and Fixed Based Operations. We source and bid the markets and hotels with defined specifics required by your airline. We meticulously bid all viable hotel options in the market based on the airline criteria and provide detailed comparative reports for easy analysis in selecting the best hotel option.

As part of the bidding process we consider the airline requirements, hotel location, surrounding food and shopping facilities, transportation provided, hotel drive time to Airport, hotel facilities, added value benefits provided to the crew members, hotel quality ratings provided by AAA or Mobile, where other airlines are housed, seasonal trends, market demand factors, safety and security factors of each hotel. We also evaluate the hotels need for crew business, market demand factors and ranking in relation to competitive hotel set. We consider all of these factors during the sourcing and bidding of a market for crew layovers.

Site Inspections

Hotel Solutions Ltd. will arrange a site inspection of all viable final candidate hotels for each layover city. Our company will prepare a detailed report for the site inspection showing all final candidate hotels details such as rate, location, crew benefits, hotel amenities, airport distance, nearby shopping and restaurants and crew discounts. A full report will be prepared for all airline staff and pilot and flight attendant union attendees participating on the site inspection. Our company will coordinate all the details of the site inspection including travel coordination of airline staff and crew members and the site inspection agenda.

Crew Room Procurement

Commercial, Regional & Charter Carriers

Hotel Solutions Ltd. understands the unique crew needs, transportation challenges, quick response time, and follow up required to properly handle Charter flight crew placement. Our dedicated staff will be work with you on all details to secure hotels and transportation services for each Charter flight. Our focus to ensure the crews arrangements are secured based on your needs at the best possible rate in the market. Hotel Solutions Ltd provides you with a high level of service, detailed travel management, meticulous sourcing of hotels and excellent reporting on hotel options.

Specialized Sourcing

For Airline Crew Accommodations

Commercial Airlines, Cargo & Charter Carriers, Private Aviation, Fixed Base Operations

Private Aviation & Fixed Based Operations

Hotel Solutions Ltd has extensive working knowledge in the private aviation industry and fixed based operations. We are experts in crew movement, sourcing hotels, crew transport and rate management contracts. Our total focus is provide you the best rates and hotel in the market. We understand time line constraints and work with your staff to provide hotels or transport for your crew. We provide you with cost effective services.

Contract Negotiation

Upon your Airline selecting a Hotel to use for crew layover housing, company travel, distressed passenger service or any other reason, Hotel Solutions Ltd. will negotiate the terms, details and benefits for inclusion in the contract for your Airline. Hotel Solutions Ltd. will review, edit and issue your contract to the hotel for signature and your final approval. We can use your contract or provide you with a contract template customized to fit your airline. We will monitor your contract for the full term on your behalf.

Irregular Room Procurement

Hotel Solutions Ltd. will supply support service to book any irregular room requirements needed for your daily flight operations. We understand the challenges you face with irregular operations such as FAA and Union agreement requirements for securing rooms for irregular crew members as well as the mitigating circumstances such as weather, sold out demand periods, city wide events and other factors affecting room availability. Our support services department will handle all your irregular room needs or we can work on a ad hoc basis with you forwarding only specific rooming needs to our support staff. Our goal is to assist your staff to whatever degree you require and allow your staff to deal with their core functions of supporting crew members needs.

Tax Management

We specialize in tax management and realize an Airline can save significant dollars in proper tax management. We monitor your tax situation for each contracted city to ensure taxes are not over paid and exemptions are applied as soon as they become due and to reduce the Airline's cost. We monitor tax periods, deadlines and ensure all parties are notified of exemptions that are due to reduce the Airline tax liability.