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Specialists in hotels, meetings & conferences;Our services are at no cost to your company;Professional meeting & travel management;We provide results driven services;Cost effective meeting & conference planning

Hotel Solutions Ltd. is a full service travel management company providing all your needs for a meeting, conference or special event. We work based on your criteria. Our focus is to make your job easier in planning and executing a meeting, conference or group event. Our staff will provide seamless integrated services and act as an extension of your own operation. We act as your partner from event conception to event completion.

We research your destination cities and source hotels that meet your event criteria. We provide detailed information on each hotel allowing you to perform an informed decision on the best destination and hotel for your event. Selecting the perfect destination and hotel provides an outstanding world class experience for your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and internal stakeholders.

Our company provides services for events of all types, sizes and scope, ranging from 10 to 10,000 plus attendees. No event is too small or too large for our company to service the event. Partnering with us will ensure a successful event.

Our services are at no cost to your company or organization. We deliver expertise, professionalism, focus and determination for each and every event regardless of size, location or complexity. We are recognized as one of the industry's premier conference, meeting, event and housing management companies. Our staff is made up of a highly experienced and capable team of meeting professionals who are dedicated to the success of your company's meetings and events allowing you to focus on your core business.

We understand outsourcing your event is a concern and often approached with caution. We are flexible in providing services to your operation and very capable of handling all or part of your needs. Our company will work with you to develop a plan for site selection, hotel sourcing and event management for all the meetings, conferences and group events you plan annually.

With Hotel Solutions Ltd as your partner you ensure the success of your event. We look forward to assisting you in planning your next event.

Destination Site Selection

The selection of a destination city for an event or negotiated contracts is a paramount issue. Hotel Solutions Ltd is a specialist in sourcing destinations for meetings, conferences, special events and negotiated rate contracts.

Our professional experienced staff will work with you to define target destination cities for your event. It is important to understand each city in regard to accessibility by air, understand the peak seasons, attractions, number of hotels, rates by period and room block availability. All of these items play a principal factor in selecting a destination city.

Hotel Solutions Ltd has extensive market knowledge domestically and globally. Our experience, research, contacts, technology and sourcing process is a tremendous advantage which provides our clients successful results. This process allows us to deliver customized searches for destinations and hotel in one city or multiple cities.

Hotel Sourcing & Bidding

Selection of your destination or hotel for a meeting, conference or special event is a critical decision which directly impacts the success of the event. Our services are available in whatever region, city or area of the United States or International destination you desire. Our expertise and support services are provided to you for destination selection as well as sourcing, bidding and contracting the perfect hotel that best meets your organizations needs in regard to logistics, size, facility, budget, activities and availability.

Hotel Solutions Ltd has over 30 years of experience in hotel and meetings management. We are a leader in sourcing destinations and hotels for groups, conventions, meetings and special events for Associations, Corporations, Government, Religious, Educational, Medical and Social or Fraternal Organizations. We provide a cost effective solution to the complexity, expense and the laborious task of planning and sourcing your next event.

We source and bid all the detailed requirements such as rooms, meeting or exhibit space, general sessions, break out meeting space, planned meals, receptions and activities. Our focus and efforts are targeted and designed to find and contract the best hotel to accommodate your event.

Meeting & Event Planning

Hotel Solutions Ltd. specializes in travel and meeting management services for companies or organizations holding meetings, conferences or special events. We assist you in designing an event strategy, then deliver a seamless event planning process, including destination and site selection, event marketing, meeting management and logistics, exhibit management, registration, event technology, air and ground transport services. Our experienced conference management team handles the details so you are free to focus on your event goals and attendee experience.

Our company fully understands the process of planning, sourcing and contracting hotels as well as the detail work required to execute your meetings, conferences or special events. We develop a tailored process specifically targeted and focused on your event. We operate as a seamless extension of your team, providing select services and full-scale solutions based on years of industry experience. Our goal is to anticipate your needs and meticulously plan the event and be proactive in delivering cost efficient results and high quality service to all facets of your event. This effort will generate rave reviews for the event.

Contract Negotiation

Hotel Solutions Ltd. will handle all aspects of the contracting process for your event. We will develop contracts for the hotel selected for your event as well as contracting air and ground services as needed. We are highly experienced in the contracting process. We ensure every detail agreed on for the event is specified in the hotel contract. We negotiate contract terms and benefits that are favorable for your event.

A detailed review of your contract will mitigate the risk factor for your event. Development and review of any contracts covers all facets of the agreement such as room block, arrival & departure dates, attrition clause, deposit amounts and payment deadlines, comp room allowance, guest benefits, meeting details, food and beverage details, porterage costs, gratuities, parking resort fees, taxes, and event payment responsibilities and attendee payment responsibilities. We cover every aspect of the contracting process to assure your event has a contact developed to benefit your bottom line and attendee satisfaction. We track the contract details and deadlines to ensure minimal costs and an effortless process.

Air & Ground Transport

Our company will provide travel services for your event. This will reduce your workload and significantly reduce stress from arranging all the tedious details of travel. Due to our travel services and destination management expertise we will streamline the process, arrange and provide detailed activity travel records for air or ground transportation arrangements.

Air Ticketing

Our travel services include arranging airline ticketing for your group event. Our staff will provide you with various flight options and assist in selecting and arranging the option that best fits your budget and travel specifications. We work with you on managing the deposits, deadlines, ticketing process and passenger list.

Ground Transport

Our travel services include arranging ground transportation for your event. This may include motor coach or van service transport to or from the airport and hotel or arranging transport for activity events. Our hands on experience will reduce your time and effort in arranging travel for your event. Our efforts and expertise will ensure your event of the best possible supplier pricing and simplify the overall transportation process.


Hotel Solutions Ltd. provides proven cutting edge technology solutions from industry standard suppliers such a Passkey, Event Manager or E-meetings which allows your company or event attendees easy access to online registration, booking and excellent tracking capabilities.

Technology can eliminate duplicate reservations, provide secure access to a centralized database of attendee information and conference details. Technology can provide key elements such as reduced costs, improved efficiency allowing your organization time to focus on the overall event and not the numerous details required to ensure a successful event. Technology can deliver an exceptional experience and lever of service to your attendees, sponsors and suppliers. Provide you with budget tracking, contract and deadline monitoring plus scheduling details and timelines.

Hotel Solutions Ltd is uniquely positioned to deliver technology, service and experience to your next event. To ensure your event meets your goals, objectives, logistical criteria and budget constraints, partnering with our company will deliver the planning and success you require for your next meeting or conference event.

Food & Beverage Planning

The spectacular memorable moments at any event is usually driven from a fabulous dinner, show, cocktail reception or some type of food & beverage event. Planning, arranging and properly executing a great food & beverage or entertainment event is not for the faint of heart. Our company has over 40 years of hands on experience in planning a multitude of events from formal dinners to cookouts, cocktail receptions, meeting breaks, shows, concerts and more. Without question we have the expertise and practical experience to assist you in arranging any type of event from conception and budgeting to execution.

We assist you in selecting the right venue and space for the event, advise and assist in selecting menus, coffee breaks, receptions and AV requirements. We work with you and the hotel to ensure the proper amounts of food or beverage are scheduled for your event. Our background and expertise will help you create a memorable experience for your attendees.

Meetings, Conferences & Events

Association/Corporate Groups

We are a complete source to plan and bid your event. We provide bids from hotels in multiple cities. We offer service based on your event criteria. We focus on delivering the perfect hotel option and bottom line results.

Conferences/Trade Shows

Our services are tailored to your event. We pre-plan with you and provide sourcing for destinations and hotels. Contract, monitor and supply technology for the event as needed.


We provide cost effective solutions for government and military events and meetings. We work within your event criteria to produce results. We assist in securing hotels and meeting space to meet your budget.

Religious Meetings/Events

Nationwide services to ministries include sourcing destinations, hotels, venues and travel arrangements. We provide planning, sourcing and contracting to ensure you of the perfect hotel and meeting space.

Tour & Travel

We supply sourcing capabilities to large and small receptive operators and tour operators. We source hotels and rates domestically and arrange contracts directly with the operators.

Events/Sports/School Groups

We provide services to source multiple destinations, hotels and venues that meet your needs. Our expertise ensures you of the best and most cost effective options.