Site Selection

The success of your event is highly contingent on the selection of the event destination. Selection of the right city for your event makes a huge difference in success or failure for the event. Our team is well versed and experienced in markets around the globe. Our vast experience ranges from major destination markets to second tier cities. We will assist you in every way possible to select the right city, hotel(s) and venue for your event.

Consider the time, energy and money you will save by allowing us to partner with you and assist you in selecting the destination city for your event. Our highly qualified, experienced professionals will assist and provide input and guide you to multiple locations for you to consider for your event. Upon developing a short list of cities our team will bid each market and present the pro's and con's for each destination to your for consideration. We handle all of the research and bidding for you. We make the selection process as easy as possible allowing you to stay focused on your job. Our experienced professionals will negotiate the best deal possible in each city and execute a contract on your behalf with favorable terms for your event. Our services are at no cost to your company.

Hotel Sourcing

Sourcing hotels, room blocks, rates and benefits is the most critical aspect of travel for an event, meeting or conference. Securing the perfect hotel for a meeting or conference can define success or failure for the event. Our company will perform the research and bidding of all viable destinations and hotels based on your criteria. Only ideal options are presented for consideration. Our proven successful process will optimize your decision process, hotel options, rates, budget, benefits and event success.

Partnering with us will save you time, energy and money in selecting the destination and hotel for your event. The proposal process is complex and requires experienced, specialized skills gained from years of negotiations and contracting hotels. Our expertise and streamlined process will provide you with a detailed, efficient, cost effective proficiency in selecting a destination and hotel.

We custom design the proposal process based on your event requirements. This allows you to evaluate the site options, hotels, rates, room blocks, meeting facilities, food & beverage costs, hotel comp policies, restaurants, amenities, concessions, attrition, hotel quality ratings, hotel safety, transportation services, local attractions, local venues, seasonal trends and market demand factors for each hotel option. Allowing you to secure a contract most beneficial for your event. Our services are at no cost to your event or company.

Tour & Travel Sourcing

Hotel Solutions Ltd. is a global supplier to receptive operators, tour operators and airlines. Our company provides hotel sourcing capabilities to the clients we serve. We provide negotiated rates and room block allotments, free sale rates plus sourcing group bookings for our clients. We cover a wide range of markets and have built strong hotel relationships and market knowledge which is a tremendous benefit to our clients resulting in better rates, hotels and efficiency.

Our company provides services in addition to the receptive operator or tour companies internal staff. We offer hotel options the client currently does not have in place. Our clients remain in control of the hotel contract and work directly with the hotels offered by our company. We are a very motivated and driven partner developing hotel contracts for our clients.

We pro-actively source hotels and provide our clients with the best possible rates, room blocks and benefits due to our contacts, professional negotiating skills and focus on delivering results for every client. Our relationships are driven by results. We understand the tour and travel market and our focal point is to deliver profitable hotel contracts to the operators.

Meetings & Conferences

Hotel Solutions Ltd is a specialist in sourcing and planning meetings. Our company is highly experienced in this area due to sourcing destinations, hotels and meetings for over 19 years and ownership has over 25 years executive experience as a former hotelier. We expertly source destinations, hotels, rates, room blocks, concessions, f&b, transportation and hotel contracts for meetings, conference's and special events. Our company has the capabilities and technology to bid multiple destinations and unlimited hotels for any destination desired. Our detailed RFP and proposal will compare multiple hotels side by side allowing you to make an informed decision selecting a hotel. We provide hotel options that meet your criteria and budget constraints.

Sourcing and planning meetings, conferences or special events requires a high level of detailed and meticulous service, proven procedures, professional implementation and follow through. Securing the perfect destination and hotel for an event can be the difference in success or failure for your attendees. Our efforts ensure your event the best hotel rates in the market and a hotel contract that provides you with the most concessions with terms negotiated in your favor. This diligence ensures a successful event. No meeting is too small or too large for our company.

Trade Shows & Conventions

Hotel Solutions Ltd is a specialist in sourcing destination cities, hotels and assisting you in strategic planning for your conference or meetings. Our company is highly focused on delivering results and providing you with hotels, event details and cost options which enables you to deliver a successful event to your attendees. We understand that in order to provide your event with a smooth operation relative to event planning, sourcing and housing, the event must be pre-planned and then executed properly. We work you and your staff to custom tailor a service and technology plan for each event or meeting. Our goal is to develop a plan that will optimize cost containment, ensure you with the best possible destinations and hotels, minimize your attendee travel expense and provide ease of access for attendee attendance.

Our company works as your partner to select the best destination and hotels for your event or meeting. Our experience and capabilities will provide you with destinations and hotels that are desirable to your attendees. We negotiate the best possible market rates and attrition clauses, hotel deadlines, deposits and hotel concessions. Our goal is to ensure your event's success.

Contract Rate / Room Sourcing

Hotel Solutions Ltd has a proven track record and global expertise in skillfully sourcing destination hotels to provide our client with the perfect location, hotel, rates, room blocks and hotel benefits. The primary deliverable for any event or negotiated rate program is the hotel, the rate program and a room block to accommodate the clients attendee demands. Our company has an intense focus in providing our client with the best hotel options in the target market by offering the best possible rates and room blocks to meet the client's particular requirements. The success of your event depends on securing the perfect hotel with affordable rates and a room block to accommodate your guests.

Our company will custom tailor a hotel sourcing program to meet the demands of your company or event no matter the size or location. Our goal is to reduce your workload, negotiate a contract with the best rates, room block, hotel concessions and terms as possible to make your event successful. The final contract will be between your organization and the hotel.

Crew Hotel Services

Hotel Solutions Ltd is highly specialized, knowledgeable and experienced in providing crew services to Commercial Airlines, Charter and Private carriers as well as Fixed Based Operators globally for over 19 years. We understand the complexity of securing hotel rooms and transportation services for Airlines based on scheduling demands, crew member requirements, FAA guidelines and Union agreements.

We are uniquely and expertly qualified to source hotels, crew benefits, transportation requirements, irregular crew rooms, distressed passengers and other services on a global basis as needed for any Airline carrier or FBO. Our company is extremely successful in partnering with Airlines and FBO's to contract crew hotels and structure negotiated rate contracts for FBO's, Charter and Private carriers.

Our company is highly successful in providing services to Airlines. We partner with you to deliver the needs of your operation. Our efforts are client driven and deliver detailed hotel options. Our process is meticulous and provides the best hotel options, rates and benefits for your operation.

Corporate Travel

Hotel Solutions Ltd. is a Travel Management company supplying your company with hotel options, room blocks, rates and benefits for your company business travel requirements. Our company will work closely with your staff to source and procure negotiated rates and contracts in all cities required by your travelers.

Our company will work with your organization to secure the best hotel options with the lowest rates in the market, arrange your travel needs at your convenience while maintaining your travel policies and cost controls. We are not just a supplier, we provide our services as an extension of your company to meet the needs of your business travelers.

We work closely with your company and staff to develop a travel plan, implement your travel policies and identify your travel patters to ensure a cost effective hotel program that is custom tailored to fit your company. Our services will benefit your company with a streamlined process, negotiated rate contracts, reduce staff workload and deliver measurable savings to your company bottom line.

Hotel Contracting

Hotel Solutions Ltd. will handle all aspects of the contracting process for your event. Upon your selection of a Hotel we will negotiate your contract with the hotel for your signature. We can use your contract or provide you with a contract template customized to fit your event.

  • The hotel contract shall contain all the details agreed on during negotiation.
  • All contract modifications are handled by our agency with your final approval.
  • Contract details such as rate, terms, benefits, policies, attrition, F&B, comps etc. are defined in the hotel contract.
  • Transportation details are specified and confirmed.
  • All taxes are verified and exemptions requirements determined for each contract.
  • Contract execution is monitored by our agency to ensure timely signatures by all parties.
  • Executed contracts are distributed to both parties and filed in our data base.
  • Contract deadlines deposits and actions are monitored by our agency.
  • The contracting process is done in compliance based on your direction and control.

Transportation Services

Transportation arrangements is a critical part of planning for meetings, conventions, crew travel and corporate travel. Our company as the expertise to manage all aspects of your logistics for arranging transport for events, crew or corporate travel.

We will bid and contract ground transportation carriers and arrange transport for all type equipment such as Coach, Bus, Limo or Town Car service. Our staff will obtain best pricing and scheduling details which makes the process effective and cost efficient for your attendees traveling. Our focus to obtain the best transportation carrier at the best price to meet your budget constraints.

We are responsible for booking and coordinating transportation for hundreds of events, crew members and corporate travelers. Our staff will ensure a smooth transportation process for you. We will coordinate the transportation, track the arrival and departure times and work with your staff to effortlessly transport your attendees.

Group Air Ticketing

Hotel Solutions Ltd will arrange group air travel for your event. This can range from negotiating special airfares with major carriers to arranging charter flights or private air travel for your group attendees. Regardless of group size, your event attendees deserve and demand the best travel options and low cost fares available.

Our trained professionals and partner relationships allow us to take care of the details and make the best arrangements. We focus on obtaining the best results for your event due to volume discount negotiated contracts and long standing airline relationships. We aim to deliver superior customer service on a 24/7 basis to you and your attendees. Our staff and technology will provide the service and reporting tools to meet your company and event criteria.

We track your complete travel arrangements which includes deadlines, deposits and refunds. Our staff will ensure your passenger lists are prepared and submitted on time. Our detailed efforts results in effortless air travel for your group and time efficiencies for your organization.


Hotel Solutions Ltd. provides proven cutting edge technology solutions from industry standard suppliers such a Passkey, Event Manager or E-meetings which allows your company or event attendees easy access to online registration, booking and excellent tracking capabilities.

Technology can eliminate duplicate reservations, provide secure access to a centralized database of attendee information and conference details. Technology can provide key elements such as reduced costs, improved efficiency allowing your organization time to focus on the overall event and not the numerous details required to ensure a successful event. Technology can deliver an exceptional experience and lever of service to your attendees, sponsors and suppliers. Provide you with budget tracking, contract and deadline monitoring plus scheduling details and timelines.

Hotel Solutions Ltd is uniquely positioned to deliver technology, service and experience to your next event. To ensure your event meets your goals, objectives, logistical criteria and budget constraints, partnering with our company will deliver the planning and success you require for your next meeting or conference event.

Dedicated Services

Hotel Solutions Ltd. realizes the need to have a streamlined efficient process to manage and communicate with your organization. We assign an Account Manager to each client so you have one point of contact. This process makes it easier for you to interact with us and have one person totally focused on your business or event.

The Account Manager is responsible for the day to day activity of your account and providing you direct access to company management and founder at anytime. Our focus is to provide you with convenient, hands on, efficient service that you can trust and rely on daily in all aspects of your travel needs. Our focus is to meet and deliver the goals of your company or event.

The Account Manager is available to you 24/7 if needed. Our company and Account Managers are extremely experienced in all facets of Travel Management. We have strong well established relationships with hotels and the Hotel Brand managers. These positive relationships coupled with an extensive knowledge and background in the hotel markets allow us to negotiate the best possible contracts and benefits for your company or even in any market.

Association/Corporate Groups

We are a complete source to plan and bid your event. We provide bids from hotels in multiple cities. We offer service based on your event criteria. We focus on delivering the perfect hotel option and bottom line results.

Conferences/Trade Shows

Our services are tailored to your event. We pre-plan with you and provide sourcing for destinations and hotels. Contract, monitor and supply technology for the event as needed.


We provide cost effective solutions for government and military events and meetings. We work within your event criteria to produce results. We assist in securing hotels and meeting space to meet your budget.

Religious Meetings/Events

Nationwide services to ministries include sourcing destinations, hotels, venues and travel arrangements. We provide planning, sourcing and contracting to ensure you of the perfect hotel and meeting space.

Tour & Travel

We supply sourcing capabilities to large and small receptive operators and tour operators. We source hotels and rates domestically and arrange contracts directly with the operators.

Events/Sports/School Groups

We provide services to source multiple destinations, hotels and venues that meet your needs. Our expertise ensures you of the best and most cost effective options.